Transformative Success for Professional Women-OPEN DOORS NOW

(4 weeks Coaching Program) Clearing the Path to a Burnout-Free Life

Course Summary

A 4-week interactive and actionable coaching program designed for Small Business Owners female leaders, Entrepreneurs and Corporate Women who want to be focused, organized, productive, and confident in the steps that they are taking to achieve their goals. Without feeling stressed, worried, and desperate.

The Coaching Program for Executive Women Female Leaders is right for you if you: Are you that woman with goals?

  •  You care about your personal and professional life; you want to be physically,  psychologically, and emotionally empowered to power past blocks and obstacles that are stopping you. 
  • You want a proactive mindset to manage yourself and accomplish your personal, professional, and financial goals using the power of planning 20% of your effort to achieve 80% of your goals.
  • You want to stop guess-working your confidence and authority. You want to build a world for yourself by yourself. A life where you are no longer treated as an entity but a leader.
  •  You want to become purposeful and influential. A leader with golden mindsets that push limits and break grounds wherever life takes you.
  •  You want to be empowered, peaceful, and confident in the steps you are taking. You want to be sure that these steps are strategically working. You want to successfully achieve your dream and goals with less stress or worry. 

Does this sounds like you?


Not enjoying the Journey

Stumble on obstacles and lose track of the path ahead.


Want to Give up

Getting tired of not being heard, not being fulfilled, and not being purposeful.


Burnout & Overwhelmed

Becoming overwhelmed by what life throws at you.


Trap, Unclear, Stuck

Lose confidence and start second-guessing who you are and what you are made of.


To-Do List Captive

Your family life is suffering  because of your career or your career suffers setbacks because of your family.


Lack of purpose & depleted

Desperate to make changes, trust yourself again, have freedom and learn to lead and manage yourself again.  

Because if you change nothing, nothing will change. If you don't get rid of obstacles, obstacles will get rid of you.

I'm a project manager with over 10 years of experience in the industry. I've worked with companies of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. I'm also a certified scrum master and product owner, so I have a lot of experience working in agile environments. With the Ultimate Guide to Project Management Mastery, you can easily use my simple step-by-step framework from start to finish and finally crush all your projects! As a certified project manager, I've broken it all down for you so that you don't ever have to feel the overwhelmed by deciding how to start, setup, and complete every single project in your business

It's never normal to continue that way. You need to…

  • To find a way to ignite your passion and unleash your true potential
  • Pre-occupy yourself with golden mindsets that bring good things your way
  • Find your purpose, live your purpose, because that's the only way to leave your mark on the world
  • Build resilience to wither the storm and become a virile woman that defies adversity
  • Stand up, charge forward and take charge of your personal, career, professional, and entrepreneur life

What Makes this Coaching Program Unique?

When you enroll in the Transforming Success Leadership System, your personal and professional life will never remain the same. Your life will explode into greatness. Others are doing it, you can too. This system will help you make that happen.

Now let's talk about Your Investment

 If you hire a life or business productivity coach to train you in person, you could expect to pay nothing less than $200 per hour. Hiring for a full day will set you back a cool $2400 -which people happily pay for.  

So, how much would you expect to pay for an A-Z life course that will help put your unhappy life behind you and create a new purposeful, focused, organized, productive, happy, and confident life knowing the steps they take to achieve your goals without feeling stress, worry or desperate.  

With the investment in yourself of $496 you get access to the training resources, DISC Leadership Discovery Report, my 1:1 coaching, my support, access to the community of like-minded women, and my years of professional expertise.

Imagine your new life Picture what your life could be like in just a couple of days from now.

Personalized Success Strategic Plan

Strategic plan to embrace the transformations you want to achieve. Here, you learn how to become an adaptive leader that is proactive and become an action taker. You will undergo a practical assessment plan to discover your potential and personal vision. This strategic plan (Step by Step) will enable you to prioritize your personal life and continue to dominate your career.

The Leadership Mindset Method 

Step out of your own shadow with practical strategies to discover the leader within you and step into your true leadership mindset. Master the art of controlling and leading with your emotions. Here you’ll naturally begin to place boundaries, increase your self-care, and internalize the transformation you are experiencing. You will gather and collect feedback using the DISC Leadership assessment tool to help design your leadership development goals.

Life Plan

A life Plan to start the foundations of your new life as a leader in your home with your family and in your office or business. The Life Plan is set up using Trello Boards.

  • Personalized Success Strategy & DISC Profile

    $496 USD

    4 Week actionable leadership coaching program for executive and professional entrepreneurs leaders.

  • Strategic plan to embrace the transformations you want to achieve.
  • How to become an adaptive leader.
  • Practical assessment plan to discover your potential and personal vision.
  • Strategic plan (Step by Step) to prioritize your personal life.
  • Strategic and Planning are set up using Trello Boards.
  • DISC Leadership Profile.
  • Life Plan with Actionable Personal and Professional Goals
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Let's Start the Journey Today, no more excuses to your freedom

Transforming Women

Executive and Professional Women and Leaders; Are you ready to prioritize and manage your life by working with proven strategies that increase your confidence, productivity, and inner peace by focusing on what matters most for you. Ultimately, your burnout is about you and how you approach your job and life.


The course starts once I have the maximum capacity accepted in each round of the launch coaching program. You will get access to the first lesson material as soon as you purchase it. And you will have your first accountability session, the next Saturday after you have completed the first five lessons from the first module. This is a Live coaching program with interactive, simple, but actionable tasks and experiences so that you will have an accountability time blocking every week and group accountability. All of the calls inside of the Program will be hosted on ZOOM, and you will be receiving weekly reminders.

One of the most significant factors that differentiate this Coaching and Mentorship Program from any other Leadership Program out there that exists is the personalization and the accountability provided to you by your New Leadership Mindset Coach (aka – YO 😘)

As a client, you have private access to me through the Application named-Voxer. This will be the primary way to contact me to ensure that your queries get answered on time. Also, you will have access to the Coach / Mentor during the weekly live meetings and Facebook Group. You can also contact me via email at for anything you need or share content and work that you cannot send over via VOXER app. or Google Form. Maximum response time to all emails and Voxer can be expected within 24 business hours, Monday-Friday (but I try to be as quick as possible). I’ll be in touch with you throughout your time in the Program, making sure you’re on track and progressing accordingly.

As soon as you purchase the online coaching program, you have instant access to tools, pieces of training, and knowledge that I have been acquiring during the last 18 years. Communication is key; we can reschedule accordingly if you can’t attend any of the life and one-to-one coaching sessions. To avoid distractions, you will see the Modules, but you won’t have access until you finish the previous Module. Refunds are not available during my coaching program.

If you are a Corporate Leader, and Entrepreneur who wants to feel free, heard in your job and career, valuable, feel that you are living a burnout free life.
You have been reading books about personal development, relationships, programs about leadership in business.
A woman of faith, conventional, whose work is consuming her life and draining her energy.
You are missing a clear path or roadmap on how to get unstuck in life.
Missing accountability for your desires and you don’t have a balanced life.
Lastly, Bilingual professional women who want to be empowered, peaceful, and confident in their steps, and trust that they are strategically working towards their ultimate dreams and goals, and want to successfully achieve them with less stress or worry.

Mariam M Torres

CEO, Accounting Heart, LLC

I can affirm that Mrs. Adalyd Oliveras is very organized when working on the projects, she manages the time and calendar very well so that the activities are carried out as stipulated. I love using her services and the use of knowledge in terms of Project Management is very at the forefront of technology to make work more agile. More than recommended from me. PS: Thanks for everything, it is a pleasure to be part of your professional growth.